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Act 1, A Prison Wall

• Act 1 is set outside a prison. There is no set description. The only characters present are the Young Woman, the Old Woman, the Officer, and the Sergeant.

• The Old Woman never speaks, and the Young Woman speaks for her.

• The women want to complain that a guard dog has bitten the Old Woman, but they don't know which one.

• The Officer gives an absurd rule that dogs must state their names before biting or they will be punished.

• The Young Woman complains that they have been waiting in the snow since 9 Am (it's now 5 PM) because they were ordered to arrive to see their husbands.

• The Officer and Sergeant sexually harass the Young Woman and degrade the women's husbands and mountain people.

• The officers explain that mountain language is outlawed and they must speak the language of the capital.

• The Young Woman is not...

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