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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Nye follow them after the hummers can't?

2. Who does de Vaca think Dr. Burt is referring to when he exclaimed "poor Alpha"?

3. What does Levine do as the guards arrive at the elevator?

4. What do weekly physicals reveal?

5. What did Dr. Burt tell Amiko he did in his diary?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Levine do while he is in the elevator, stuck between two floors?

2. Brent is disappointed and confused. Why?

3. What does Carson find in Nye's saddlebags, and what mystery does this clear up?

4. How does Susana save Carson from death and both of them from Nye?

5. What does Guy see that leads him to realize that there is a widespread problem with PurBlood?

6. How do Charles and Brent finally resolve things?

7. How does Nye realize he must go after Carson and de Vaca, and what is his undoing?

8. What do Carson and de Vaca discover when they return to the lab?

9. How does Levine gain access to Brent's Boston headquarters?

10. What does Carson realize when he goes to Singer's office?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Carson's assistant Susana de Vaca has a way of getting under his skin. How does she do that? Why does she persist in that behavior when she knows that it makes him angry? Despite his anger, how does the teasing by de Vaca tie into their survival later in the desert? Without this knowledge, Carson and de Vaca would likely not have survived their ordeal. Who do they owe their survival to and in how many instances was information from this person a direct benefit to them in their desert struggle?

Essay Topic 2

What position does Gil Teece hold and what event heralded his arrival at Mount Dragon? What kind of an investigation did he run? How did he use his mannerisms to elicit information and confirmation of facts? What were his misgivings and what processes occur that he objects to? Why are his misgivings a cause for concern for the staff and management?

Essay Topic 3

How does Levine reveal information to a televised audience after he has been warned not to do so? What human quality does he rely on to help him to reveal facts to the audience? Does this absolve him of responsibility in the eyes of the law? Would this hold up in light of the pending lawsuit against him? Knowing the nature of people, could Levine be sure that his method of revelation would work?

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