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Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the access to Brent's personal cypherspace?

2. What is Montdragon's 'gold'?

3. How do they escape the compound?

4. Where does help come from?

5. How are disputes resolved in the game that Brent and Charles play?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Charles and Brent finally resolve things?

2. When Brent loses this time, how does he respond? How is his response similar to how Levine felt when he lost the first time?

3. Brent is disappointed and confused. Why?

4. In what ways does Levine underestimate Scopes?

5. What is the last thing Charles does as the guards arrive at the elevator and why?

6. What does Brent use as personal passwords and why are they so effective?

7. What leads Levine to the conclusion that he has little left to lose?

8. What does Susana convince Guy has to be done before they escape?

9. What is Nye's relationship to the voice he hears, and how is this significant?

10. What does Carson find in Nye's saddlebags, and what mystery does this clear up?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What prompts Susana to visit with Pavel? She goes there in the hopes that he can fix a problem for her, and in the process learns about something that will become a turning point for her. What does she learn, and how does she employ it later? Why isn't this common knowledge? If the company saw no need for this feature, why didn't they disconnect it entirely? Is there a chance that the company understood the risks of the research they were doing and if so, why would they have kept it a secret?

Essay Topic 2

Dr. Burt commits an act of faith to create a shortcut in his science. What is the shortcut he takes? His actions cause a domino effect that has CEO Brent Scopes following his lead? What does Scopes do? How does he accomplish this in such a public matter that employees line up to join his example? What are the consequences of this action? If Dr. Burt had not started this ball rolling, is it likely that Scopes would have done what he did? How would the story have been different without these actions?

Essay Topic 3

Brent Scopes is a genius who creates a computer program that is like nothing on earth. What is this program? Why is it so special? What sets it aside from other programs? Why is Scopes so secretive about his electronic breakthrough? What is he afraid he would lose by sharing this knowledge? Who is the only one who has been all the way inside this new system? What are his impressions?

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