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Short Answer Questions

1. What do they realize they need to do?

2. Where does Levine find himself when he enters Brent's office in cyberspace?

3. How long does he give General Harrington and the army to come up with it?

4. How do they ensure humane death?

5. Where does Nye stop?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Carson manage to get the better of Nye on several different occasions?

2. Mime agrees to help Levine get access to GeneDyne but refuses to do so in person. Why?

3. In what ways does Levine underestimate Scopes?

4. What does Brent tell Levine when Levine begs him not to let the army have the virus?

5. What does Guy see that leads him to realize that there is a widespread problem with PurBlood?

6. What is the reason that Brent gives a rare interview to the Boston Globe reporter?

7. What does Charles try to convince Brent of and how does Brent respond?

8. How does Susana save Carson from death and both of them from Nye?

9. What does Scopes do when he comes to the conclusion that his security has been compromised?

10. How does Nye realize he must go after Carson and de Vaca, and what is his undoing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Brent Scopes is a genius who creates a computer program that is like nothing on earth. What is this program? Why is it so special? What sets it aside from other programs? Why is Scopes so secretive about his electronic breakthrough? What is he afraid he would lose by sharing this knowledge? Who is the only one who has been all the way inside this new system? What are his impressions?

Essay Topic 2

Brent Scopes is attempting to negotiate a sale with the Army and General Harrington specifically. What is he trying to sell? What prompted him to sell this item now instead of continuing with the research and pursuing its original design? Why is he convinced that the sale of this item would be harmless despite its obvious risk factors? How does he justify his behavior?

Essay Topic 3

What position does Gil Teece hold and what event heralded his arrival at Mount Dragon? What kind of an investigation did he run? How did he use his mannerisms to elicit information and confirmation of facts? What were his misgivings and what processes occur that he objects to? Why are his misgivings a cause for concern for the staff and management?

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