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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Singer tell Carson about Levine and Brent?
(a) Levine has a 20 year vendetta against him.
(b) Levine is trying to steal the genetic secrets.
(c) Levine is trying to steal his company.
(d) Levine wants a job that Brent won't hire him for.

2. What is delivered to a helicopter in the desert?
(a) A briefcase with the GeneDyne logo.
(b) Teece in handcuffs.
(c) A vial of liquid from Mount Dragon.
(d) Teece's belongings.

3. Who does Levine find in his office?
(a) Nye.
(b) Mime.
(c) Guy Carson.
(d) The University president and the dean of faculty.

4. What do Nye and Teece both do before the interview commences?
(a) They both put out tape recorders.
(b) They both explain themselves.
(c) They both sign waivers.
(d) They both pour a stiff drink.

5. How does Toni Wheeler advise Levine?
(a) She helps him reveal all.
(b) She tells him not to.
(c) She looks for ways to save his career.
(d) She encourages him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Guy tell Singer?

2. What does Mime tell Levine about Brent's software at GeneDyne?

3. What are the media questions surrounding instead?

4. What is the name given to the vast lava flow in the desert?

5. What does the autopsy on Rosalind's brain reveal?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Guy Carson excited to be given the opportunity to work at Mount Dragon?

2. Why does Levine so adamantly refuse to renew the patent he and Brent co-author?

3. How does Levine manage to ensure the truth is revealed without actually revealing it himself?

4. What is Rosalind's behavior like when she is scratched? How does that affect Roger?

5. How does Mime force Guy to listen to Levine?

6. What is the protocol that is followed when a breach of this kind occurs?

7. What does Gil Teece do when he arrives?

8. What does Nye do that upsets Carson and how does Carson deal with it?

9. Who assumes control after Rosalind is exposed and why?

10. What does Carson see Nye doing and what is suspicious about his behavior?

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