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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Levine's father?
(a) A scientist.
(b) An SS officer.
(c) A holocaust victim.
(d) A researcher.

2. Who delivers the new vaccine to the chimpanzees?
(a) Carson.
(b) De Vaca.
(c) Brandon-Smith.
(d) Fillson.

3. What award is Levine about to receive?
(a) The Nobel Prize.
(b) The Holocaust Memorial Award.
(c) The Educator of the Year Award.
(d) The Scientific Acheivement Award.

4. What does Mime tell Levine about Brent's software at GeneDyne?
(a) It has no access points.
(b) It has a back door.
(c) It is comparable to Fort Knox.
(d) It is full of holes.

5. What does Carson have ready for the zoo?
(a) A children's tour.
(b) A delivery system.
(c) A variant of X-FLU.
(d) A new chimpanzee.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gets their suit torn in the zoo by a chimpanzee?

2. What does Andrew do with little warning?

3. What is Susana very sensitive about?

4. Who is the founder of GeneDyne?

5. What does Levine claim is at the heart of the lawsuit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Carson see Nye doing and what is suspicious about his behavior?

2. What does Singer reveal to Carson and why is Carson worried about it?

3. What does Gil Teece do when he arrives?

4. What is Brandon-Smith's problem with how Guy is handling the research he is doing?

5. What does Susana discover about the Fever Tank?

6. What is Singer's response to the formal complaint filed by Rosalind against Guy?

7. Who takes Guy on his orientation of the Mount Dragon facility and what area is avoided?

8. How does Mime force Guy to listen to Levine?

9. How does Brent get even with Levine for televising the accident details from Mount Dragon?

10. How does Levine convince Mime to help him break into GeneDyne's computer system?

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