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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Scopes have in his safe?
(a) A vial of PurBlood.
(b) The chemical compounds.
(c) Signed non disclosures.
(d) A vial of X-FLU.

2. How does Carson believe he can find the watering hole?
(a) By waiting until it's cooler and easier to travel.
(b) By tracking animals.
(c) By following Nye.
(d) By following the coyotes as they call to it.

3. What does Carson realize in Singer's office?
(a) That Singer is stressed.
(b) That Singer is defeated.
(c) That Singer is sick too.
(d) That Singer is drunk.

4. Who does Nye reveal he is talking to?
(a) His cousin.
(b) Jonathan Nye
(c) His father.
(d) Phido.

5. What notification does Levine get that surprises him?
(a) Notification of his dismissal.
(b) Notification of intent to lay charges.
(c) Notification of another lawsuit.
(d) Notification of Scopes' backtracking.

6. How do Brent and Charles resolve their issues?
(a) By dueling.
(b) By playing checkers.
(c) By playing their game.
(d) By playing chess.

7. What direction do Carson and de Vaca take?
(a) West and then east.
(b) South and then north.
(c) North and then south.
(d) East and then west.

8. Where does Levine find himself when he enters Brent's office in cyberspace?
(a) Back where he started from.
(b) Monhegan Island, Maine.
(c) Mount Dragon.
(d) GeneDyne's headquarters in Boston.

9. When Levine tells Guy that he and Susana should remain calm, how does he know it isn't Levine he is talking to?
(a) Carson senses a difference in tone.
(b) Carson used a password prompt.
(c) Carson hadn't revealed who he was with.
(d) Carson didn't log in the same.

10. How far can Phido go?
(a) To the front door of GeneDyne Boston.
(b) Anywhere.
(c) Nowhere, he is stationary.
(d) To the entrance to Cypherspace.

11. What does Nye's 'voice' do when he discovers Carson and de Vaca are gone?
(a) Instructs him.
(b) Taunts him.
(c) Laughs.
(d) Cries.

12. What help routine gets Levine through Cyberspace?
(a) Phido (Fido).
(b) Fur Ball.
(c) Feline.
(d) Mutt.

13. What does Carson reveal to de Vaca?
(a) That everyone but them has been exposed to PurBlood.
(b) That he is interested in her.
(c) That Singer is ill.
(d) That he is afraid for them.

14. What are they looking for?
(a) A mine shaft.
(b) A lava cave.
(c) A lava tube.
(d) A subterranian kiva.

15. What happens when Carson tries to copy the information to a disk?
(a) Vanderwagon logs on and asks what he is doing.
(b) Brent logs on and asks what he is doing.
(c) Levine logs on and asks what he is doing.
(d) Singer logs on and asks what he is doing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much does General Harrington offer him for his vial of X-FLU?

2. What amount does Brent counter with?

3. What is Brent using as passwords in cyberspace?

4. What does Nye hear?

5. How do Carson and de Vaca ensure that X-FLU is destroyed?

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