Mount Dragon: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Guy Carson excited to be given the opportunity to work at Mount Dragon?

Guy Carson is excited about the opportunity to work at Mount Dragon again because he grew up int he area that Mount Dragon is located in. He also has wanted the opportunity to be a part of a project that is meaningful and challenging. He is surprised to have been chosen out of all of the talented scientist available.

2. What event does Dr. Charles Levine disclose to his audience after he finishes a lecture at Harvard?

Dr. Charles Levine discloses information regarding a disastrous breach of testing involving genetics that took place in the town of Novo-Druzhina in western Siberia. He shows the group a satellite photo that reveals how the strain 232 virus, created by altering the simple herpes virus, became fatal and could have easily meant the end for mankind.

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