Mount Dragon: A Novel Character Descriptions

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Guy Carson

This character wrote his dissertation on the tertiary and quaternary protein structure transformation of a viral shell.

Brentwood Scopes

This is the founder of GeneDyne.

Dr. Charles Levine

This character holds one half of the patent for rust free corn.

Susana Cabeza de Vaca

First Dr. Burt's assistant and then Guy Carson's.


Head of security for Mount Dragon.

Rosalind Brandon-Smith

This is the scientist who becomes directly infected with X-FLU because of contact with a chimp.


This is a computer genius confined to home in River Pointe, Cleveland.

Dr. John Singer

This is the director of the Mount Dragon facility.

Mike Marr

Security man for the Mount Dragon facility, this person was an intelligence officer in Vietnam.

Gilbert Teece

This character is an OSHA inspector.

Spencer Fairley

This is Brent's assistant.

Rodney P. Falfa

This character collects infant chimpanzees for the zoo at Mount...

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