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Part One: Pages 13 - 50

• Mount Dragon is the newest GeneDyne Remote Desert Testing Facility

• Scientists at GeneDyne discover a gene in a chimpanzee species called 'bonobos' they call X-FLU

• X-FLU makes bonobos immune to all sixty varieties of the flu

• If this gene is introduced into humans, it would transfer this flu immunity to them

• Gene manipulation opens up a large debate as to whether or not it should be done

• Guy is excited to be working in his home environment in a position that is highly lucrative and extremely secretive

• He leaves immediately and is met by Dr. John Singer who is the facility's director

• Guy is given a tour of the Mount Dragon facility by Dr. Singer, but Singer won't enter the Biosafety Level 5 Laboratory

• Rosalind Brandon-Smith is brisk and unfriendly as she shows Guy his new lab and workstation

• They witness the death of the...

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