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Short Answer Questions

1. The Minna Man convinced that the Italians will return for him is

2. The personal items Frank leaves in the back seat of the car so that they are not stolen in the hospital are

3. Echolalia refers to

4. The four Minna Men are

5. When asked where she is going, Julia tells Lionel

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Minna give the boys by removing them from St. Vincents?

2. What would a typical day working for Frank entail when the boys first started with him?

3. Before he enters the Zendo, Frank Minna's instructions to Lionel include

4. What is implied by the sentence: In Tourette dreams you shed your tics or your tics shed you and you go with them, astonished to leave yourself behind).

5. What is the significance of the chapter, Tourette Dreams being composed of just one line?

6. What is Lionel's mission in the story?

7. Describe Lionel's ritual as he eats his sandwich after trying to get Gilbert out of jail.

8. What are Frank's instruction over the wire when the conversation in the Zendo ends?

9. Describe Frank's condition when they find him.

10. What role does Frank play in the lives of the MInna Men?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the novel, Lionel feels protective towards Kimmery, yet she rescues him. 1) Write an essay in which you consider Kimmery as a foil character to Lionel. 2) Contrast these two characters and consider how it adds to the theme. 3) Write an essay that identifies other relationships in which protection adds to the theme.

Essay Topic 2

1) Write an essay describing the author's depiction of family in the novel. 2) Describe the author's description of family within the Fujisaki Corporation and 3) Describe the author's depiction of family with the Zendo.

Essay Topic 3

When Lionel asks Frank, "Who did this to you?" he replies with a joke about Irving. 1) Write an essay identifying three ways in which this exchange contributes to the development of the plot of the story. 2) Write an essay identifying the importance of jokes to the development of plot in the novel.

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