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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lionel temporarily loses his sense of language down by the rocks at the shore because of the cold and
(a) The sight of Tony, shot.
(b) Vertigo.
(c) Fear of the water.
(d) A gun pointed at him.

2. After Gilbert is arrested, Lionel feels that someone is
(a) Looking for something he has.
(b) Going to contact him.
(c) Hunting Minna Men.
(d) Trying to take over L & L.

3. Lionel's thoughts about "dead hands nested " on the premises as he listens to The Clients suggest
(a) He is getting paranoid.
(b) He has figured out where the killer has buried the body.
(c) He realizes how many deals and understandings have taken place there in the past.
(d) He thinks The Clients are serial killers.

4. The one thing Kimmery does not mention about Roshi is
(a) That he is American.
(b) That he prefers to do the sweeping himself.
(c) That he is in trouble.
(d) That his name means teacher.

5. Lionel's inability to agitate Gerard suggests
(a) Gerard's serenity training in Zen was keeping him in control.
(b) Gerard was not lying.
(c) Gerard considered him a worthy opponent.
(d) Gerard was planning to have him killed.

Short Answer Questions

1. The individuals leaving L & L, in order of departure are

2. The story of the younger girl who meets two brothers in Maine and becomes lovers with first the older brother and later the younger brother suggests

3. Lionel is able to re-enter the Zendo because

4. During their phone conversation in which Tony insists that Lionel come into the office and won't give him any information, Lionel begins to feel

5. What is it that Kimmery asks Lionel to do that gives him the chills because he remembers hearing Frank do it the night before

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lionel spend his time on the highway doing?

2. What does Lionel figure out about Frank's reasons for using the Irving joke as the clue to his killer?

3. When he returns from exile, what does Frank tell The Clients?

4. What is inferred by the story of the girl from Nantucket and the two brothers?

5. Describe the marital relationship between Frank and Julia.

6. Describe how the conversation with Detective Seminole changes the attitude between Tony and Lionel.

7. What does Frank's phrase, "Tell your story walking," mean to Lionel?

8. What does Lionel do for Frank that none of the other Minna Men do, and what does it imply?

9. Describe Kimmery in terms of how she fits into the Zen lifestyle and how she doesn't.

10. What is it about Kimmery's personality that makes Lionel "con-worried?"

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