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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 4, the solitary three lines about shedding your symptoms in your dreams or they will shed you, suggest
(a) Lionel dreams that everyone shuns him.
(b) Lionel does not have his symptoms in his dreams and feels a loss of identity without them.
(c) Lionel has taken the wrong medication.
(d) Lionel sleeps fitfully.

2. The story begins with a stakeout in front of the
(a) Tool Company.
(b) Minna's Moving Company.
(c) Queensborough Bridge.
(d) Yorkville Zendo.

3. The fragmented sentence broken into three parts in Chapter 4 suggests
(a) The three other Minna Men.
(b) Lionel's brainwaves.
(c) The interrupted delivery of thought in sleep.
(d) A new number compulsion.

4. The door of Lionel's apartment was riddled by dents because
(a) A decorator told him that was the style.
(b) Gangsters had shot at it.
(c) One of his neighbors had tried to kick it down.
(d) Lionel had a ritual of rapping his keys on the door before he opened it.

5. When Lionel visits Julia, she teases him by
(a) Placing his hands on her breasts.
(b) Counting backwards.
(c) Pretending she was still in love with Frank.
(d) Blowing smoke in his face.

Short Answer Questions

1. The item Lionel steals from the home of The Clients is

2. During the stakeout at the beginning of the story, Lionel and Gilbert share

3. Gilbert is tolerant of Lionel because

4. As they follow Frank in the car, after his abduction, they hear his captor say

5. The main character's last name is

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Lionel visiting all of Frank's old haunts?

2. What is Julia's reaction when Lionel stops by to tell her about Frank?

3. Discuss what Lionel means when he says, It (meaning Minna's influence) changed us as a group. We developed a certain collective ego, a presence apart at the Home.

4. What characteristic does Lionel give Frank credit for developing in himself?

5. Frank's nickname for Lionel, Freakshow, suggests what?

6. At St. Vincent's Home for Boys, where did Lionel spend all of his time and why?

7. Describe the symptoms of Lionel's disease.

8. What is implied by the sentence: In Tourette dreams you shed your tics or your tics shed you and you go with them, astonished to leave yourself behind).

9. Explain how Lionel finds Frank.

10. What did Lionel do when Detective Seminole asked him about Matricardi and Rockaforte?

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