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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Detective Seminole's choice of words, "stumble and wade," suggest
(a) He wasn't very bright.
(b) He had fears that he was already over his head in the investigation.
(c) He was intimidated by The Clients.
(d) He had been searching for the body in the river.

2. The brothers get into trouble a second time by
(a) Hiring more underaged boys to work for them.
(b) Hiding Gerard from The Clients.
(c) Smuggling Uni offshore.
(d) Dipping into the till again.

3. The location of Lionel's meeting with The Clients is
(a) Matricardi's mother's parlor.
(b) A sandwich shop called Zeod's.
(c) A car parked in front of the brownstone.
(d) Their office on Park Avenue.

4. The killer was hired by
(a) The Clients.
(b) Julia.
(c) Gerard.
(d) Fujisaki.

5. Kimmery takes Lionel to the kitchen where they share
(a) Their love of science fiction.
(b) Oreos.
(c) Stories about Japan.
(d) Information about Frank.

6. While Lionel is lighting her cigarette, Julia
(a) Dials Gerard on her cell phone.
(b) Takes a gun from her purse and points it at him.
(c) Takes a gun from her purse and tells him to take her to Tony.
(d) Takes a gun from her purse and points it at herself.

7. After throwing his gun into the sea, Lionel is compelled to
(a) Push Julia over and take her shoes.
(b) Find four more things so that the items thrown equal five.
(c) Dial Kimmery on his cell phone.
(d) Tap Julia's shoulder five times.

8. While questioning Kimmery, Lionel's symptoms are
(a) Gone.
(b) Exacerbated.
(c) Different.
(d) Quieted.

9. Gerard tells Lionel the reason for Frank's exile is
(a) Frank stole from The Clients.
(b) Frank had accidentally killed Matricardi's mother.
(c) Frank had a nervous break down.
(d) Frank was working Fujisaki against The Clients.

10. The one thing Kimmery does not mention about Roshi is
(a) That his name means teacher.
(b) That he prefers to do the sweeping himself.
(c) That he is in trouble.
(d) That he is American.

11. When Lionel finds Tony sitting in his car, he realizes
(a) Tony has been following him.
(b) Kimmery is an imposter.
(c) The Clients lied to him.
(d) Tony is afraid of The Clients.

12. Aside from The Clients, the only other topic Frank Minna would not discuss was
(a) His brother Gerard.
(b) Why he carried a beeper.
(c) His theory on Wheels within Wheels.
(d) The circumstances surrounding his exile and return.

13. Gerard's connection at Fujisaki who helps him siphon funds was
(a) Ullman.
(b) Julia.
(c) Frank.
(d) Tony.

14. Kimmery convinces Lionel that he should
(a) Leave before the large, Polish man finds him.
(b) Return for the evening Zazen session.
(c) Go upstairs and speak with Roshi.
(d) Turn himself in.

15. During the discussion with Detective Seminole, the one item not covered is
(a) Julia's flight to Boston.
(b) The Yorkville Zendo.
(c) Ullman was the bookkeeper of a property-management firm.
(d) The Clients are well connected.

Short Answer Questions

1. The name Tony calls Lionel that brings tears to his eyes is

2. Lionel's response, "Don't do that." after Kimmery kisses his cheek suggests

3. The only excuse Frank does not give The Clients when begging them to spare his life is

4. The individuals leaving L & L, in order of departure are

5. During Zen practice, Lionel figures out that Roshi is

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