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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the restaurant, Lionel recognizes the six men in suits and monks from the Zendo and ends up
(a) Ordering them a round of sake.
(b) Punching the one who says he has an utterance problem.
(c) Asking if he can join them.
(d) Clapping each one on the shoulder.

2. Tony wanted to replace Frank in all aspects of his life except
(a) With The Clients in Brooklyn.
(b) With the fishing boats around the island.
(c) With the Fujisaki Corporation.
(d) With Julia.

3. After Gilbert is arrested, Lionel feels that someone is
(a) Hunting Minna Men.
(b) Trying to take over L & L.
(c) Looking for something he has.
(d) Going to contact him.

4. In Zen the term "One Mind refers to
(a) Not thinking.
(b) Reading the thoughts of others in the room.
(c) Focusing on one thing at a time.
(d) The reducing goals down to one.

5. The men of Fujisaki Corporation became monks in America because
(a) Americans seemed more spiritually devoted.
(b) They could remove their monk clothes and be crass business men by day.
(c) They were able to invest in Uni production.
(d) In Japan, the right to monkhood required esteemed bloodlines.

6. When Lionel goes by himself to visit The Clients, they ask him to
(a) Forgive Tony.
(b) Find out what Julia knows and share it with them.
(c) Find the killer.
(d) Take over L & L Car Service.

7. Between Tony's tongue-lashing and Lionel's incessant chattering, Detective Seminole gets exasperated and
(a) Kicks Lionel out of the car.
(b) Takes Tony in for questioning.
(c) Calls for back-up.
(d) Shoots Tony in the ear.

8. To explain her distrust of Lionel, Julia tells his a story about
(a) Nantucket.
(b) Sesame Street characters.
(c) A zen master.
(d) Two brothers and a young girl.

9. The killer was hired by
(a) Fujisaki.
(b) The Clients.
(c) Julia.
(d) Gerard.

10. After throwing his gun into the sea, Lionel is compelled to
(a) Dial Kimmery on his cell phone.
(b) Push Julia over and take her shoes.
(c) Find four more things so that the items thrown equal five.
(d) Tap Julia's shoulder five times.

11. Lionel temporarily loses his sense of language down by the rocks at the shore because of the cold and
(a) Fear of the water.
(b) A gun pointed at him.
(c) The sight of Tony, shot.
(d) Vertigo.

12. During Zen practice, Lionel figures out that Roshi is
(a) Frank Minna's brother, Gerard.
(b) His schoolmaster from the orphanage.
(c) The Polish giant.
(d) Ullman, the accountant.

13. The detail that Lionel remembers to take care of which demonstrates his loyalty to Frank to
(a) Put flowers on Frank's mother's grave.
(b) Place an obituary.
(c) Visit the Clients.
(d) Collect timecards.

14. Gerard's connection at Fujisaki who helps him siphon funds was
(a) Ullman.
(b) Tony.
(c) Julia.
(d) Frank.

15. Julia remembers something Frank had once said about Lionel and tells him
(a) Go to hell, Lionel.
(b) You are such a freak.
(c) No woman will ever want you, Lionel.
(d) You were useful to him because you were crazy but everyone thought you were stupid.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the younger brother arrives too late to see his mother alive, it is because

2. As he listens to Gerard, Lionel realizes that Tony

3. Lionel is able to re-enter the Zendo because

4. In the story of the two brothers and the girl, the term "Rama-lama-ding-dong" refers to

5. Lionel calls The Clients and trades L & L for

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