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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Lionel sees the giant in between his car and Tony's, going through a wallet, keeping the cash and throwing the wallet into the sea, it is implied
(a) That Tony has paid him off.
(b) That Tony is dead.
(c) That Tony has run away with Julia.
(d) That The Clients have arrived.

2. At the restaurant, besides Lemongrass Soup, Lionel discovers
(a) Sushi.
(b) A cure for his disease.
(c) Roshi.
(d) Julia.

3. In the chase scene with the giant, Lionel stops him by using
(a) His car.
(b) A fishing spear.
(c) Poison uni.
(d) A gun.

4. Kimmery convinces Lionel that he should
(a) Go upstairs and speak with Roshi.
(b) Turn himself in.
(c) Return for the evening Zazen session.
(d) Leave before the large, Polish man finds him.

5. Between Tony's tongue-lashing and Lionel's incessant chattering, Detective Seminole gets exasperated and
(a) Takes Tony in for questioning.
(b) Shoots Tony in the ear.
(c) Kicks Lionel out of the car.
(d) Calls for back-up.

6. After throwing his gun into the sea, Lionel is compelled to
(a) Tap Julia's shoulder five times.
(b) Push Julia over and take her shoes.
(c) Dial Kimmery on his cell phone.
(d) Find four more things so that the items thrown equal five.

7. In Zen the term "One Mind refers to
(a) Reading the thoughts of others in the room.
(b) Focusing on one thing at a time.
(c) Not thinking.
(d) The reducing goals down to one.

8. The mission of the four men in blue suits who escort Lionel to their rental car is
(a) To get him to call Tony.
(b) To get information about Ullman.
(c) To take Frank's beeper away from him
(d) To scare him.

9. When Tony tells Lionel, "Frank Minna was two guys. The one I learned from and the chucklehead who thought you were funny," Lionel realizes.
(a) Private teaching had gone on when he wasn't around.
(b) He was Frank's favorite.
(c) Tony has no sense of humor.
(d) Frank surrounded himself with all kinds of people.

10. The story of the younger girl who meets two brothers in Maine and becomes lovers with first the older brother and later the younger brother suggests
(a) The girl was Julia.
(b) The two brothers were The Clients who later changed their names.
(c) Kimmery knows both Gerard and Frank.
(d) Lionel has a brother.

11. During their phone conversation in which Tony insists that Lionel come into the office and won't give him any information, Lionel begins to feel
(a) He can't trust Tony.
(b) It isn't Tony on the phone.
(c) He is in trouble.
(d) His verbal insertions are detrimental to the conversation.

12. While questioning Kimmery, Lionel's symptoms are
(a) Quieted.
(b) Exacerbated.
(c) Different.
(d) Gone.

13. After Gilbert is arrested, Lionel feels that someone is
(a) Going to contact him.
(b) Trying to take over L & L.
(c) Hunting Minna Men.
(d) Looking for something he has.

14. The only excuse Frank does not give The Clients when begging them to spare his life is
(a) His mother will never forgive him.
(b) He blames his brother for the crimes they had both committed.
(c) He just got married.
(d) He promised to spend his life in service to The Clients.

15. During their talk with Lionel, The Clients do not tell him
(a) He shouldn't woof like a dog.
(b) To stop looking.
(c) He is inhuman.
(d) There's a little part of Frank in him.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the Zendo, Kimmery's whispering suggests

2. Tony wanted to replace Frank in all aspects of his life except

3. Detective Seminole's choice of words, "stumble and wade," suggest

4. The name Tony calls Lionel that brings tears to his eyes is

5. Julia ran away to Maine because

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