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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8 "Formerly Known".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Throughout the story, an outburst from Lionel typically includes
(a) Wog.
(b) Dry weed.
(c) Bailey.
(d) Drink up.

2. Lionel interviews a boat owner on the island and learns the island is popular with the Fujisaki Corporation because
(a) Scientologists bought the old hotel which attracts movie stars.
(b) They can ship illegal drugs and not get caught.
(c) It is a place of peace.
(d) It has a large supply of sea urchin.

3. Lionel's passion for The Artist Formerly Known as Prince implies
(a) That his goal is to be a rock star.
(b) That he prefers rap to jazz.
(c) That he has manic tendencies.
(d) That he relates to the expulsive style of the music.

4. Lionel's complicated sandwich eating ritual allows him to
(a) Monitor his food so that he doesn't overeat.
(b) Satisfy his compulsions so that he has room to grieve.
(c) Eat without touching his food.
(d) Use his favorite fork.

5. After leaving St. Vincent's, Lionel lived
(a) In the apartment above L & L.
(b) With Frank Minna.
(c) Next door to Julia.
(d) On the street for two years.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 4, the author's change in point of view makes the reader feel

2. Early the next morning, Lionel returns to the Zendo and tries to get information about the man who took Frank from

3. When Lionel goes to tell Julia about Frank, he finds out

4. The symptoms of Lionel's disease are called

5. Lionel and Gilbert find Frank wounded in

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