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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 "(Tourette Dreams)".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 4, the solitary three lines about shedding your symptoms in your dreams or they will shed you, suggest
(a) Lionel has taken the wrong medication.
(b) Lionel sleeps fitfully.
(c) Lionel does not have his symptoms in his dreams and feels a loss of identity without them.
(d) Lionel dreams that everyone shuns him.

2. Frank and Julia Minna are
(a) Happily married.
(b) No longer married.
(c) Getting a divorce.
(d) No longer in love.

3. When asked who wounded him, Frank's response is
(a) Tony
(b) The Zendo Master.
(c) Irving.
(d) His wife, Julia.

4. In Chapter 4, the lack of punctuation in the sentence suggests
(a) Drifting thoughts with no beginning or end.
(b) This is how all of Lionel's thoughts pass through his brain.
(c) Illogical thoughts.
(d) Unimportant thoughts.

5. The names Matricardi and Rockaforte are
(a) Kept from the Minna Men.
(b) Never to be mentioned.
(c) Written at the bottom of the business card for L & L Movers.
(d) Frank's real family names.

Short Answer Questions

1. All of the Minna Men grow up

2. When Frank says, "Don't tug the boat," he means

3. When Lionel returns from seeing Julia, he gets a phone call with news that

4. The first business the Minna Men work at is called

5. Throughout the story, an outburst from Lionel typically includes

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