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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 "Motherless Brooklyn".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first person to enter the building they are staking out is
(a) Officer Loomis.
(b) Kimmery.
(c) Frank.
(d) Tony.

2. The story begins with a stakeout in front of the
(a) Queensborough Bridge.
(b) Tool Company.
(c) Minna's Moving Company.
(d) Yorkville Zendo.

3. All of the Minna Men grow up
(a) Next door to each other.
(b) In Queens.
(c) In different states.
(d) In an orphanage.

4. Gilbert is tolerant of Lionel because
(a) He feels sorry for him.
(b) They smoke together.
(c) They share a memory of the Penguin Diorama on a museum field trip.
(d) They are step brothers.

5. The more obvious symptoms of Lionel's disease are
(a) Tapping, clapping and multiple personalities.
(b) Blurting out words in his sleep and snoring.
(c) Touching, counting and repeating words.
(d) Counting, yelling and swallowing.

Short Answer Questions

1. During the stakeout, before he enters the building, Frank tells Lionel and Gilbert to cover him but they

2. The L & L Car Service was a front for

3. The main character's last name is

4. The phenomenon that the boys study by watching television shows like I Dream of Jeannie and the Brady Bunch is

5. The item Lionel steals from the home of The Clients is

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