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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7 "Auto Body".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The name Tony calls Lionel that brings tears to his eyes is
(a) Daffodil.
(b) Alibi.
(c) Brooklyn.
(d) Freakshow.

2. As Gilbert explains to Tony and Danny what happened to Frank, Danny keeps saying
(a) Don't talk about Frank like that.
(b) Somebody's going to have to tell Julia.
(c) One of us should call his Mom.
(d) I'm in charge now.

3. The door of Lionel's apartment was riddled by dents because
(a) A decorator told him that was the style.
(b) One of his neighbors had tried to kick it down.
(c) Gangsters had shot at it.
(d) Lionel had a ritual of rapping his keys on the door before he opened it.

4. When Lionel invites the police officer to get a sandwich with him, it suggests
(a) He is trying to bribe the police officer.
(b) He doesn't want the police officer to know where he lives.
(c) He has information to share with the police officer.
(d) He wants to let the police officer in on his favorite sandwich place.

5. Another of Lionel's pet peeves with Loomis involves joke telling because
(a) He forgets the punch lines.
(b) His punch lines are lame.
(c) He tells riddles instead of jokes.
(d) He always tells the same three jokes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Early the next morning, Lionel returns to the Zendo and tries to get information about the man who took Frank from

2. At the restaurant, Lionel recognizes the six men in suits and monks from the Zendo and ends up

3. Lionel's inability to agitate Gerard suggests

4. L & L Car Service is different from other car services because

5. Loomis' tendencies toward laziness and imprecision cause Lionel to

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