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St. Vincent's Home for Boys

The object is the Brooklyn orphanage where Lionel, Tony, Danny and Gilbert live before Frank Minna hires them.

Court Street

The object is the neighborhood where Frank Minna does business.

The Fork

The object is the item Lionel steals from The Clients.

L&L Car Service

The object is the business staffed by Minna Men.

Lionel's Apartment

The object is located directly over the L&L, where Lionel lives.

Yorkville Zendo

The object is a meditation center and the home of Gerard Minna.

1030 Park Avenue

The object is the unacknowledged headquarters of Fujisaki Corporation.

Kimmery's Apartment

The object is actually the home of an absent friend and is even more stark than Lionel's.


The object is a brown and pink building known as "Maine's Only Thai and Sushi Oceanfood Emporium."

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