Motherless Brooklyn Fun Activities

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Repetition Junction

Students will carry on a conversation mimicking Lionel's method of "tic-ing," or hearing, repeating, and building on a phrase another person uses.

Food Fest

Students will discuss the many different kinds of food Lionel enjoyed and contribute a food favorite to a festival where student brings a dish to share along with a story of how they came to like it.

Family Feud

In the same fashion as the orphaned Minna boys, students will form groups of four and become a "family" for the week. Afterward, they will meet and discuss who fell into the role of leader and how the experience changed their relationships with each other.

Murder they Wrote

Divide the class in two. Half of the class will write a short murder mystery and the other half will act in out.

Loyalty Leans

Students will play a game where one student falls backwards...

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