Motherless Brooklyn Character Descriptions

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Lionel Essrog

This character is one of the Minna Men, an orphan and has Tourette's syndrome.

Frank Minna

This character is a small time mobster who befriends a group of boys and hires them to work for him.

Gilbert Coney

This character is the largest and slowest of the Minna Men.

Tony Vermonte

This character is the oldest of the Minna Men orphan recruits and is Italian.

Danny Fantl

This character is the second oldest Minna Man orphan and the most athletic.

Gerard Minna

This character is Frank's older brother and Roshi.

Julia Minna

This character is Frank's glamorous and mysterious wife.

Matricardi & Rockaforte, The Clients

These two characters are well connected and wealthy, elderly mobsters.


This character is a student at Gerard Minna's Zendo that Lionel likes.


This character is Gilbert Coney's friend and a sanitation inspector.

Lucius Seminole

This character is the black, Brooklyn...

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