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Chapter 1 "Walks Into"

• Lionel Essrog and Gilbert Coney are on a stakeout. They were given were given the assignment without explanation from their boss, Frank Minna.

• Lionel has Tourette's syndrome, which includes compulsive "tic" behaviors such as repeating particular sounds and gestures, rhyming, twisting and echoing words and shouting obscenities.
• Frank Minna shows up unannounced and plans to enter the building. He gives Lionel a headset and tells him to listen.

• Lionel listens to conversation between Frank and someone else in which Ullman and Rama-lama-ding-dong are mentioned.
• A doorman interrupts Lionel as he hears Frank say "First I gotta use the bathroom," and the next thing Lionel sees is Frank being escorted from the building by a 7 foot tall man.

• Lionel and Coney attempt to follow the car that Frank is in, while listening to the headset for clues from Frank as to where he is. Frank makes...

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