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• Mother Teresa did not write this book.

• This book is a collection of quotes and sayings from Mother Teresa during her life.

• Mother Teresa was born in Albania and experienced a call to religious life.

• Teresa felt a call within a call when she was in Calcutta.

• The Missionary Brothers of Charity began because of Teresa's work.

• Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Chapter 1, Holiness, Chapter 2, Prayer

• Teresa believed that holiness is a duty that everyone must take on.

• Teresa encouraged people to go out and to meet others.

• Teresa says the prayer produces faith, which produces love, which produces service.

• Prayer is the putting of oneself into God's hands and listening for instructions.

Chapter 3, Generosity, Chapter 4, Christ in the Poor

• The poor are out masters, according to Teresa.

• A young buy gave Teresa all the sugar they had.

• A Hindu man once said a Christian...

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