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Short Answer Questions

1. Carson often woke in the night screaming out what word?

2. What did Carson fall into?

3. Where does Carson end up by mistake?

4. What common item is referred to as the ceremonial headdress?

5. The motel was laid out in the shape of which of the following?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Carson's names for items #8, 9, & 10?

2. Once the discovery of the excavation site was made known word began to spread all over the world. Who came to visit the site?

3. Why was #9 proportioned in a specific way?

4. What did Harriet say in reference to the opening of the door at Tomb #26?

5. What happened right after the catastrophe?

6. What were the "columns" discussed by scientists? What were they really? Where would they normally be found?

7. What was the result? How long did it take?

8. The item(s) were eventually classified as being what?

9. What did Carson do one day while eating his lunch?

10. What did German scholar Heinrich von Hooligan discover? What was the alleged purpose of the items(s)?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Guido Michelin and Currant Bunliffe both set out to find fragments of writing that could be attributed to the Yanks.

What was the purpose of the search? What kind of information might be contained in the writing fragments? What could the new civilization learn from the old one? Why was there such a lapse between searches for the fragments? Do you think Bunliffe ever found anything? What might have happened to Bunliffe? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the book, Howard Carson maintains a fascination with camels. In the beginning of the book, Carson researches hump productivity. What prompted Carson to study hump productivity in the first place? Does Carson ever figure out the use for the camel's hump? How could it become more "productive?" What would it produce? Why do you think Carson was so fascinated with camels? What is the mass that makes up a camel's hump? What were Carson's final assessments and/or achievements regarding the camel? What piece of history was made due to Carson's research?

Essay Topic 3

Great care must be taken when excavating a site like the one at the Motel of the Mysteries. Explain in detail the tools and processes used by archeologists. How do the archeologists know when to use a specific tool? Is all of the work done by hand? Is it all tedious and painstaking? What is the most desired artifact in the eyes of a typical archeologist? What is the most difficult part of the job? What is the biggest reward?

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