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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Scientists were particularly fascinated with which of the following?
(a) Great Altar.
(b) Ceremonial burial cap.
(c) Sacred collar.
(d) Pollutantus Literati.

2. The objects paid homage to ____________.
(a) Animals.
(b) Gods.
(c) Great religious figures.
(d) Planets.

3. What is the material used to make the new item?
(a) Stone.
(b) Marble.
(c) Mud.
(d) Alabaster.

4. In what year was Tomb #26 closed for good?
(a) 3987.
(b) 4124.
(c) 4046.
(d) 4213.

5. What material was used to make the object?
(a) Porcelain.
(b) Stone.
(c) Metal.
(d) Plastic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the items is first to appear on the list of souvenirs?

2. The items are shaped to resemble which of the treasures?

3. The object came in a box made out of which material?

4. What was wrong with the museum's director?

5. What is the name of the God of craftsmanship?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of sculptures were placed in this area? To who or what were the sculptures dedicated?

2. What was the main error in setting up the exhibit in the Museum? What problem did it cause? Whose fault was the error?

3. What was the purpose of the small relief? What date was put onto the item? What was the purpose of the date?

4. How does Carson describe the great courtyard? What was the purpose of the pool area?

5. In what way does Harriet show that she is still devoted to Carson?

6. Explain how the scientists viewed the mosaic tile. How was it decorated? Where was it typically found?

7. According to the text what surrounded the complex outside? What would the area be described as in today's terms?

8. What item was recreated to resemble the mosaic ceiling tiles? What kind of container comes with the item?

9. What happened to Howard Carson after he returned to his former interest and research involving the camels?

10. What items were found lining the passageway between the tombs?

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