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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What date is referred to when discussing the great catastrophe?
(a) 4010.
(b) 2968.
(c) 3860.
(d) 3850.

2. When was that object usually placed at a scene?
(a) Before construction.
(b) After burial.
(c) After it was built.
(d) After being condemned.

3. Which one of the following items is not worn by Harriet?
(a) Sacred urn.
(b) Headband.
(c) Stopper.
(d) Sacred collar.

4. A series of important writings is attributed to whom?
(a) Mitchell.
(b) Michelin.
(c) Morrison.
(d) Magellan.

5. How long does Carson spend on the excavation?
(a) 7 years.
(b) 9 years.
(c) 3 years.
(d) 6 months.

Short Answer Questions

1. It became a popular tradition to do what to the monument?

2. Which of the following was used to ward off evil spirits?

3. What object is attached to the room marked #21?

4. Carson realizes that he is directly in front of what type of structure?

5. What was one of the most significant monuments discovered by scientists?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the real life description of the wall fragment found in the communal Sacred Urn room near the Great Sanctuary. Explain the real purpose of the so-called laborers' marks.

2. What covered the majority of North America?

3. Describe the pendant found in the Inner Chamber. What is it made out of and what is the inscription?

4. What was the material used to create the coffee service? Where is it manufactured?

5. How does the text describe the fragments of Plasticus Petrificus? How might it be reproduced?

6. What did Carson do one day while eating his lunch?

7. The Sacred Seal is one of the most coveted items found in the Motel. Explain what souvenir was created from a replica of the Sacred Seal.

8. In what way does Harriet show that she is still devoted to Carson?

9. Explain how the scientists viewed the mosaic tile. How was it decorated? Where was it typically found?

10. How did Howard Carson find the excavation site?

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