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Lesson 1 (from Section I, The Motel of the Mysteries (pg 1-19))


In MOTEL OF THE MYSTERIES, the book begins with a world-class catastrophe occurring in the ancient country of Usa. Discuss the catastrophe, the cause and the end result.


1. What is the author's definition of a catastrophe? Do you agree? Does the definition agree with the standard dictionary definition? What caused the catastrophe? Is it plausible? How could the catastrophe have been avoided? Do you think anyone predicted it? If so, who? What was left after the catastrophe ended? How were any pieces of information or artifacts discovered? Who was the most important researcher/scientist/historian? Explain.

2. Write an essay or short story about how a similar catastrophe may happen in the future. Does the ozone play a part in the destruction? Explain.

3. Find news clippings of at least five major catastrophes that would have threatened various portions of civilization. Create a collage and write at...

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