Motel of the Mysteries Fun Activities

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Create Writing Fragment.

Create an "ancient" parchment that includes fragments of writing that may have been discovered by Michelin or Bunliffe.

Visit a Science Lab.

Carson spent a great deal of time in a lab to study the hump productivity of the camel. Visit a science lab to watch an experiment in progress.

Write a Short Story.

Write a short story from Harriet's point of view. Choose a period during or after the discovery of the motel.

Design a Motel.

Design your own motel. Would it be a basic structure or elaborate? Where would you put it? Who might stay there? What would make your motel unique?

Create a Game.

Create a Motel of the Mysteries trivia game. You can use places, characters, or objects for questions and answers.

Create a Collage.

Create a collage using any of the topics used in the book, e.g., cars, items...

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