Motel of the Mysteries Character Descriptions

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Howard Carson - This character is an amateur historian and archaeologist as well as the discoverer of the Motel of Mysteries.

Harriet Burton - This character is Howard Carson's longtime partner.

Heinrich Von Hooligan - This character is a German scholar who theorized that twentieth century highways were actually landing zones for extraterrestrial crafts.

Curator of Yankology - This character works at The Museum where the Motel of the Mysteries Treasures were put on display.

Yanks - The name refers to the inhabitants of the USA section of the North American continent.

The Volunteers - Howard Carson assembles these to help him excavate the site.

The North Americans - This refers to twentieth century people who lived on the frequently discussed continent.

Guido Michelin - This character was a late twentieth century Franco-Italian traveler.

Currant Bunliffe - This character was an ambitious archaeologist who discovered that the...

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