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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17 and Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What assignment does the new editor give Ford?
(a) The restaurant column.
(b) The weather report.
(c) The political beat.
(d) The editorial page.

2. What condition is Ford in when Arthur discovers him?
(a) He is dead.
(b) He has a broken arm.
(c) He is unconscious.
(d) He is drunk.

3. What does the Resettlement Advice Center worker do with the filing cabinet to get files out of it?
(a) It ingests the filing cabinet.
(b) It walks through the filing cabinet.
(c) It blows up the filing cabinet.
(d) It wrestles the filing cabinet.

4. What design is on Ford's towel?
(a) Purple and yellow polka dots.
(b) A blue and pink floral pattern.
(c) Green and black stripes.
(d) A red and orange abstract pattern.

5. What caused the aliens to come get Tricia?
(a) Her British accent.
(b) Her audition for the New York show.
(c) Her previous experience with an alien.
(d) Her interview with the astrologer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Arthur hope to have on a new planet?

2. Where do the aliens say they live?

3. Who rioted in the streets, coincidentally at a time when office buildings had to be evacuated due to technology failures?

4. How does Arthur make money to move to a new planet?

5. What does Ford use to open the window?

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