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Short Answer Questions

1. What seeds does Allie buy because they remind him of his hometown?

2. Where do the Foxes live before moving to Massachusetts?

3. The children taunting Charlie are from what city?

4. On what River does Allie take the family on the way to Jeronimo?

5. What is wabool?

Short Essay Questions

1. With the ice plant complete, what does Allie dream of doing?

2. How does Captain Smalls describe life in Honduras to Charlie?

3. How does Allie come to own Jeronimo?

4. What does Charlie tell his mother he is afraid of?

5. Why does Allie refuse to build the ice plant for Polski?

6. How do the Foxes spend their first day off from work in six weeks?

7. According to Allie, how does he come to work for Polski?

8. Describe what Jeronimo looks like when the Foxes first arrive.

9. Describe what Charlie sees when the family first arrives in Honduras.

10. Describe the condition that the Foxes leave their house in when they depart for the shore.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Allie Fox is often kinder to strangers than he is to his own family. Cite two examples of this and explain what it says about his nature. Does he seem to love his family, despite his actions? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout "The Mosquito Coast," Allie Fox is highly critical of American culture. What points does he make about America and what problems does he see with his country? Choose three of his complaints about America and explain if they are valid in any way. Even if they have some validity, are his complaints contradictory?

Essay Topic 3

Explore the minor character Emily Spellgood. What is her role in the novel? What does she represent for Charlie?

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