The Mosquito Coast Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Allie refuse to buy the rubber seal at the hardware store?

Allie does not want the rubber seal because it is made in Japan. Even though he seems to disagree with everything about America, he wants an American-made product.

2. Describe what Charlie sees when he goes into the field near his house looking for Allie.

When Charlie goes into the field he sees the migrant workers erecting a cross. He thinks they put a dead body on the cross, but it is really a scarecrow.

3. According to Allie, how does he come to work for Polski?

Allie tells Charlie that the family was living in Maine on a self-sustaining farm. Polski heard about his fame as an inventor and hired him.

4. Why does Polski reject Allie's ice plant?

Polski likes the ice plant, but he does not see how it is going to help him store asparagus. He also thinks it smells bad and believes a similar invention was patented years before.

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