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This location is the Fox's first settlement in Honduras. At its peak, it includes such marvels as a waterwheel, flush toilets, and unlimited hot water for showers.

The Acre

This location is a camp or pretend village that includes lean-tos, huts, a store, a school, and a church.

Hatfield, Massachusetts

This location is close to where the Foxes have a modest home at the beginning of the novel.

The Worm Tub

This object is a prototype icebox, powered by gas or fire and containing no moving parts.

Fat Boy

This object is a full-sized, operating ice plant. It is reminiscent of the atomic bombs dropped by the U.S. during World War II.


This location is the homeland of the migrant workers who work on Polski's farm. When Allie takes his family here, he claims they are trading places with the workers.

The Unicorn

This object...

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