Daily Lessons for Teaching The Mosquito Coast

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


Allie Fox has very strong principals, but sometimes they contradict each other. This lesson will discuss his contradictory nature.


1) Class discussion: When the reader is introduced to Allie, he is berating America. What is contradictory about his hatred of America? Does he make any valid points?

2) Small group discussion: Split the class into four groups. Have them discuss within their groups why Allie says he hates the U.S. educational system so much even though he went to the top university in the country.

3) In-class writing: Write a short essay of a few paragraphs on Charlie's perception of his father's contradictions. Keep in mind the way Charlie recalls his father's view on the wilderness and how he acted when he became angry.

4) Homework: Read the rest of the chapter, paying close attention to Allie's mental health.

Lesson 2 (from Chapter 3)


In Chapter 3, the reader learns that Allie...

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