The Mosquito Coast Character Descriptions

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Allie Fox

This character is an inventor who appears to suffer from a manic episode during the novel.

Charlie Fox

This character is a teenager who is often shamed into attempting impossible feats by his father.


This character embraces a 1950s view of marriage where the husband has unlimited power and is always right.

Jerry Fox

In the last half of the novel, this character serves as a mouthpiece for the family's increasing doubts in the father to the point where he suggests killing him.

Clover Fox

This character is an identical twin, but is the leader and more vocal of the two.

April Fox

This character is an identical twin who rarely speaks, but shows normalcy by requesting ice cream early in the novel.

Reverend Spellgood

This character is a Protestant minister with a church in Baltimore and a mission at Guampu in Honduras.

Emily Spellgood

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