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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

• Allie Fox and his son Charlie drive to a hardware store in a small Massachusetts town.

• Though Allie constantly complains about America, he curses a store clerk for trying to sell him a product not made in America.

• It is revealed that Allie dropped out of Harvard, worked as a janitor, and now works as an inventor on a farm.

• That night in the fields, Charlie is terrified of a cross being erected by the migrant workers on the farm, and he thinks they are killing Allie.

• The next morning, Allie and Charlie take Allie's newest invention, the Worm Tub, to his boss Mr. Polski.

• Allie mocks Charlie for being afraid of the workers' scarecrow.

Chapter 3

• Allie reveals to Charlie that he spent time in a mental hospital.

• Allie shows Worm Tub, a model-sized version of a self-sustaining ice plant, to Polski.

• Polski is unimpressed and...

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