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Greg Iles
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who admits that he once had sex with Drewe's sister, Erin?

2. What does Miles tell Harper about the virus they uploaded to the killer?

3. What does Erin tell the killer before abruptly signing off?

4. Where is a plane found that is suspected of being used by the killer?

5. What does Harper want Dr. Lenz to do now that Miles and Harper suspect they know who the killer is?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why are detectives waiting for Harper when he arrives home from checking on Erin? How does Harper react?

2. What do Miles and Harper think of Dr. Lenz's ability to interact online with the killer as a woman?

3. What personality does Miles create for Harper online? Why?

4. What does Miles discover about the killer? How does he find this information?

5. What does Erin tell Drewe about her plan of action? How does Drewe react?

6. What do Miles and the FBI find in New York when they approach the warehouse Miles suspects is used by the killer? What impact does this have on Harper?

7. How does Berkmann describe Kali? Why was she in Harper's house?

8. How does Harper feel about his online persona?

9. Why do Miles and Harper decide it is safe to engage Berkmann in conversation on the EROS system?

10. What makes Harper and Miles give the FBI an anonymous tip about the donor registries? What do they find?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As their plan to draw the killer in with a persona named "Erin" unfolds, how do Miles and Harper each feel about it? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Despite the continued harassment and questions by the authorities, and the fact that they are implicating themselves, Harper and Miles continue to try and catch the killer. Why? What reasons does the author give the reader for their insistence?

Essay Topic 3

What insight does the exchange between Kali, Panikkar, and Bhagat give the reader into the killer, the murders, and the killer's accomplices?

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