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Greg Iles
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the message from Maxwell to Lilith begin with online when the FBI thinks they are closing in on the killer?
(a) "Greetings Dr. Lenz".
(b) "Dear FBI".
(c) "My treacherous Dr. Lenz".
(d) "Dear Dr. Lenz".

2. How many days does Harper spend online as "Erin" before the killer contacts him?
(a) Four days.
(b) One day.
(c) Three days.
(d) Two days.

3. What will Harper send to the killer after corresponding with him via email?
(a) A "Worm" virus to help locate the killer.
(b) A "Trojan Horse" virus to shut down the killer's computer.
(c) A "Worm" virus to shut down the killer's computer.
(d) A "Trojan Horse" virus to help locate the killer.

4. What does Erin tell Harper about the secret they have kept together?
(a) She wants him to tell Drewe.
(b) She says they were stupid to think they could keep a secret of this magnitude.
(c) All of these.
(d) She plans to tell Patrick.

5. What has the killer discovered about the gland he has been studying in his victims?
(a) He does not need to remove the entire gland.
(b) The implanting does not need to be done in the recipient's head, but can be injected in the sternum.
(c) All of these.
(d) He only needs a sample of the gland.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Harper in the middle of a call with when the phone goes dead?

2. What does Harper see as they approach his farmhouse?

3. How does the killer describe his and Kali's invasion of Harper's home?

4. What does Miles wake Harper to tell him the night after creating the virus?

5. How does the killer react when the FBI enters the warehouse?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens as the FBI thinks the killer is approaching the safe house? As the reader, did you anticipate this happening? Why or why not?

2. What do Miles and Harper think of Dr. Lenz's ability to interact online with the killer as a woman?

3. How did Berkmann get so much information on Harper's relationship with Erin?

4. What does Harper ask Dr. Lenz to do? Why?

5. What makes Harper and Miles give the FBI an anonymous tip about the donor registries? What do they find?

6. What does Harper discover when he arrives home with Mayeux? How does he react?

7. What personality does Miles create for Harper online? Why?

8. Why does Berkmann say Erin died?

9. What does Bob Anderson say to Harper at Erin's burial service? Why?

10. Why are detectives waiting for Harper when he arrives home from checking on Erin? How does Harper react?

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