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Greg Iles
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Drewe tell Harper about Erin when she arrives home?
(a) Erin took Holly and disappeared.
(b) Erin killed Patrick in self-defense.
(c) Patrick beat Erin up.
(d) None of these.

2. Who is waiting for Harper when he gets back from visiting Erin?
(a) Neither of these men.
(b) Both of these men.
(c) Michael Mayeux.
(d) Detective Jim Overstreet.

3. What does the message from Maxwell to Lilith begin with online when the FBI thinks they are closing in on the killer?
(a) "Greetings Dr. Lenz".
(b) "My treacherous Dr. Lenz".
(c) "Dear FBI".
(d) "Dear Dr. Lenz".

4. Who is Kali?
(a) The killer's accomplice.
(b) The killer's sister.
(c) The killer's wife.
(d) The killer.

5. How does the killer describe his and Kali's invasion of Harper's home?
(a) "The perfect case scenario."
(b) A "sneak attack".
(c) A "blitz attack".
(d) "Too easy".

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Harper quietly lock the office door, locking himself and Drewe inside?

2. What secret does the killer reveal about Harper on the recording he made in Harper's home?

3. What do Harper and Miles turn to with the hope that someone can monitor police or FBI communications?

4. What does Drewe call and ask Harper to do while she is staying at her parents' house?

5. Who sends the message "I am the rain" on EROS?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Harper react to Drewe telling him that Patrick beat Erin up? How does Drewe respond?

2. What does Harper discover when he arrives home with Mayeux? How does he react?

3. What theory does Miles have as to why the killer was interested in Erin?

4. Why are detectives waiting for Harper when he arrives home from checking on Erin? How does Harper react?

5. How does Drewe get pulled into Harper's online conversation with Berkmann?

6. How does Harper feel about his online persona?

7. What makes Harper and Miles give the FBI an anonymous tip about the donor registries? What do they find?

8. What does Miles discover about the killer? How does he find this information?

9. How does Drewe react when Harper asks if there is anything to be done about Berkmann's injuries? Why?

10. What does Bob Anderson say to Harper at Erin's burial service? Why?

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