Mortal Fear Short Essay - Answer Key

Greg Iles
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1. What information does the author give the reader about the EROS system? What role does it play in the story?

The EROS system is a chat forum owned by Jan Krislov. The system has three levels, the third of which is reserved for intense sexual chat. The owner is very concerned about clients' privacy, and all accounts are blind. There is a promise of absolute privacy. The EROS system, and its set up, is important to the story because this is the system the killer uses to track down victims. It shapes the characters, the setting, and the plot of the story.

2. How does Harper Cole become involved in EROS?

Harper Cole becomes involved in EROS when a childhood friend, Miles Turner, contacts him. Harper is a stock trader, and successful enough that he only trades his own stocks. However, Miles talks him into being a system operator for EROS because it will be fun.

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