Objects & Places from Mortal Fear

Greg Iles
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New Orleans

This is the city where Karin Jones is murdered and where Harper Cole talks with police and FBI agents about his suspicions regarding the murder.


This is the acronym for Erotic Realtime On-line Stimulation, a computer service providing three levels of communication and role play.

Rain, Mississippi

This is the city where Harper Cole and his wife, Drewe, live in a farmhouse.

Yazoo County, Mississippi

This is the county where a part of Harper Cole's farm property is located.


This is the name of Karin Wheat's book.


This is the name of a Herman Hesse novel about a spiritual journey in the time of Buddha and the password for the online systems operator.

Ward Cleaver

This is a computer program written by Miles Turner that filters unsuitable content from the online system.

McLean, Virginia

This is the city where the office of Dr...

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