Mortal Fear Fun Activities

Greg Iles
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Your Profile

The EROS system gives people the ability to be anyone they want to be online. If you were able to create an online profile, who would you be? Would you be yourself? Create a profile and be prepared to explain the choices you made in class.

What Would You Do?

Harper finds a connection between Karin Wheat and the women on the EROS system. He takes that information to the police, against Miles' advice. What would you do in this situation? Would you go to the police? Why or why not?

Playing Detective

Dr. Lenz and Harper both take a stab at luring the killer in through fake profiles. Why is Dr. Lenz unsuccessful? Why are Harper and Miles successful? Give examples from the story. Was it wise for any of them to take this approach? Why or why not?

Create Your Own Story

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