Mortal Fear Character Descriptions

Greg Iles
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Harper Cole

This character pretends to be a woman and soon catches the attention of the killer.

Dr. Edward Berkmann

A noted neurosurgeon born from an incestuous relationship, this character eludes police while murdering women.

Miles Turner

This character attended MIT on scholarship and was among the pioneers of the computer industry, who now monitors EROS during the nighttime hours.

Drewe Cole

This character is a married OB/GYN who figures out that the killer is likely a doctor who is harvesting the pineal gland from the victims with the plan to implant them into living recipients.

Erin Graham

This character left school, became a model, did drugs and had sex with many people; she left the field very soon after her career began, and ended up back at her sister's home.

Bob Anderson

This character is outspoken, has definite ideas about patriotism, and has served his country...

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