Mortal Fear Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Greg Iles
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Prologue, Chapters 1 through 5

• The story opens with a letter from the killer to his father, describing a trip across New Orleans the killer has taken to locate and kill Karin Wheat.

• Harper Cole is a system operator on the EROS system, and he has detected a connection between the death of Karin Wheat and six other women.

• He calls the New Orleans Police Department and tells Michael Mayeux about the connection.

• Harper is a stock trader, but only trades his own money.

• Harper is involved with EROS because a childhood friend, Miles Turner, who is also a system operator, invited him to be a system operator also.
• Harper is married to an OB/GYN named Drewe who wants to have children of her own.

• Harper is reluctant to have children because of an old affair that Harper had with Drewe's sister, Erin, during which they conceived a child...

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