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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is written on the bottom of Albert's statue?
(a) We will not see his like again.
(b) Greater knowledge was his cup.
(c) We owe fried bread to him.
(d) He will be sorely missed.

2. What does Cutwell say that the road to enlightenment is like?
(a) A face full of bad fireworks.
(b) Half a mile of broken glass.
(c) Having your fingernails pulled out and then used to scratch a chalk board.
(d) Hell.

3. What does Death tell Mort that he must do?
(a) Unite the kingdoms.
(b) Take good care of Ysabell.
(c) Make sure that Keli and Cutwell get married.
(d) Make up for the elephant fiasco.

4. What does Mort do without realizing while talking with himself?
(a) Ride through the palace gates.
(b) Kill one of the guards.
(c) Become transparent.
(d) Go through the walls at the Princess's home.

5. What does Albert tell Mort about the fact that Mort is becoming more like Death?
(a) Death has tricked Mort.
(b) Mort cannot do what Death has done.
(c) Mort can't control it forever.
(d) Mort will have to be the one to kill Death.

6. What happens when Keli puts the crossbow down on the table?
(a) It shoots Cutwell.
(b) It falls to the floor and zings around the room several times before hitting the royal dog.
(c) It shoots one of the guards.
(d) It goes off and flies through Mort.

7. What animal does Cutwell choose for the sacrificial animal for the princess' coronation?
(a) An elephant.
(b) A snail.
(c) A partially dead chicken.
(d) A fat goat.

8. Where does Albert appear when he transports to Discworld?
(a) The Unseen University.
(b) Sto Lat.
(c) Cutwell's room.
(d) Harga's House of Ribs.

9. What does Cutwell say when Mort arrives inside what remains of the reality with Princess Keli alive?
(a) That he doesn't have his hat.
(b) That it is too late to stop it.
(c) That reality has won.
(d) That the reality is too small for him to do any magic.

10. What does Albert decide while using magic and telling the magicians that they need to wield their power?
(a) Albert decides that he has missed the power and he is going to stay here.
(b) Albert decides that magicians are a waste of time.
(c) Albert decides to go back to Death's realm immediately.
(d) Albert decides he should stay and help the poor wizards.

11. How does Harga's House of Ribs let their customers know what is available to eat?
(a) By looking Harga's vest.
(b) A gnome that cries out the specials.
(c) Several small menues stolen from other restaurants.
(d) A board with greasy finger prints.

12. What does Death say will happen to the people that are involved in what Mort has done?
(a) They will have to die for what they have seen.
(b) They will wander the world cursed forever.
(c) They will be doomed to oblivion.
(d) They will go to the dungeon dimension.

13. What present does Death give Mort that is more of a personal nature?
(a) A robe just like Death's.
(b) A scythe.
(c) Mort's book.
(d) Albert's fried bread recipe.

14. What does Albert see in Mort's eyes that frightens him that is different from Death's eyes?
(a) Desperation.
(b) Hatred, love and disappointment.
(c) Vengeance, cruelty and distaste.
(d) A changing that could not be described.

15. What does Cutwell say about gods?
(a) They can only exist in one reality.
(b) If people stop believing in them they die.
(c) That they are ficitonal.
(d) They are only as powerful as the people that serve them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mort see a picture of in Cutwell's magic book?

2. What does Cutwell say about the author of the magic book that he and Mort are looking at?

3. What references does Mort find that let him know that this is in fact Albert's life history?

4. What are the impressive words that Curtwell says while crowning Keli queen?

5. How old does Cutwell say he is when the princess calls him old?

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