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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mort offer to do?
(a) Fight Death for his friends.
(b) Trade his life for theirs.
(c) Fix reality.
(d) Be Death's servant forever.

2. What does Ysabell do to stop Albert from pushing her and Mort from the ladder?
(a) Falls on him.
(b) Drops a book on him.
(c) Tips the book shelf over.
(d) Uses a magic spell her father taught her.

3. Why does Mort say he knows he is going mad when they get to Sto Lat?
(a) He saw an elephant.
(b) He can feel reality struggling to right itself.
(c) He can hear Death calling him.
(d) He can feel what Binky is thinking.

4. What does Mort say when Ysabell asks if a plan has presented itself to Mort?
(a) Yes, but he is unsure of it.
(b) That she asks too many questions.
(c) Not yet.
(d) Sort of.

5. What does Albert make himself a hat out of?
(a) His kitchen apron.
(b) Death's spare robe.
(c) Mort's carpet.
(d) Ysabel's night gown.

6. What does the doorknocker on Cutwell's home tell Mort that makes him angry?
(a) It refers to Princess Keli as Cutwell's girlfriend.
(b) It tells Mort to piss off.
(c) It tells Mort that Mort has to serve him.
(d) It says that Princess Keli has died.

7. What does Cutwell do as Mort tells them all to be quiet?
(a) Goes up and pokes Keli with a spear.
(b) Shoots Mort in the back.
(c) Starts making notes about Death's apprentice.
(d) Breaks the arrow into two pieces.

8. When Mort begins thinking about the fact that Death doesn't have a reason to be late what does Mort realize about Death?
(a) Death is ready to have the world end.
(b) Death must be in real trouble.
(c) Death must be the loneliest creature in the universe.
(d) Death knows that he is becoming Death himself.

9. What does the emperor say he wants the guards to do when the Vizier says that he is too full to eat the last bite of his food?
(a) Get the Visier's wife to have her eat the bite.
(b) Cut the piece into smaller sections.
(c) Cut off the Visier's head.
(d) Open the Visier's stomach to see if it is true.

10. What does Albert decide while using magic and telling the magicians that they need to wield their power?
(a) Albert decides to go back to Death's realm immediately.
(b) Albert decides he should stay and help the poor wizards.
(c) Albert decides that he has missed the power and he is going to stay here.
(d) Albert decides that magicians are a waste of time.

11. What animal does Cutwell choose for the sacrificial animal for the princess' coronation?
(a) A snail.
(b) A partially dead chicken.
(c) A fat goat.
(d) An elephant.

12. What present does Death give Mort that is more of a personal nature?
(a) A robe just like Death's.
(b) Albert's fried bread recipe.
(c) Mort's book.
(d) A scythe.

13. What does Ysabell say her father always said about the Rite of AshkEnte?
(a) It is a fun way to travel.
(b) They always do it at the most inconvenient times.
(c) It gets terribly old.
(d) It is painful.

14. What does Death tell the angry woman that enters the employment agency in order to get her to leave?
(a) That he will ahve the searing winds of infinity scorch her worthless carcass.
(b) That he will give her money to leave.
(c) May all the demons of hell rend your living spirit.
(d) Begone, you black and midnight hag.

15. Who does Death say he thinks he can be friends with?
(a) Albert.
(b) The bartender.
(c) The green bottle.
(d) Mort.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Death tell Mort that he must do?

2. What does Terpsic hate doing?

3. What does Albert see in Mort's eyes that frightens him that is different from Death's eyes?

4. What happens when Keli puts the crossbow down on the table?

5. What does Cutwell say that the road to enlightenment is like?

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