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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cutwell say about the dome that reality has created?
(a) It is a magic backlash.
(b) Mort will die if he stays there.
(c) It will be interesting to watch but not from the inside.
(d) In it's last moments it will kill everyone inside.

2. Who hides Albert's staff?
(a) Rincewind.
(b) The Librarian.
(c) The tavern landlord.
(d) The head of the Unseen University.

3. What does Albert tell Mort about the fact that Mort is becoming more like Death?
(a) Mort will have to be the one to kill Death.
(b) Death has tricked Mort.
(c) Mort can't control it forever.
(d) Mort cannot do what Death has done.

4. How does Harga's House of Ribs let their customers know what is available to eat?
(a) A board with greasy finger prints.
(b) Several small menues stolen from other restaurants.
(c) By looking Harga's vest.
(d) A gnome that cries out the specials.

5. What does Mort offer to do?
(a) Fight Death for his friends.
(b) Be Death's servant forever.
(c) Fix reality.
(d) Trade his life for theirs.

6. What present does Death give Mort that is more of a personal nature?
(a) A robe just like Death's.
(b) A scythe.
(c) Albert's fried bread recipe.
(d) Mort's book.

7. How many people does Death say that Wa has had murdered?
(a) Ten.
(b) Twenty-three.
(c) Fifty-two.
(d) Death lost count after forty.

8. What is the reason that Mort can walk through walls and drink harsh drinks with little or no effect on himself?
(a) He is becoming dangerously real.
(b) Binky has given Mort a short amount of magic.
(c) He is becoming a ghost.
(d) He is taking over Death's magic abilities.

9. What does Cutwell say when Mort arrives inside what remains of the reality with Princess Keli alive?
(a) That reality has won.
(b) That he doesn't have his hat.
(c) That it is too late to stop it.
(d) That the reality is too small for him to do any magic.

10. What does Cutwell say will happen when the dome covers the last of the palace?
(a) It will be as if the princess were never saved.
(b) There will be a shifting of everything on the Disc.
(c) The princess will suddenly die.
(d) The Disc will split into two sections.

11. What is one thing Princess Keli has learned as a princess?
(a) To always remain in control when confronted with failure.
(b) That ceremonial robes are often the most uncomfortable.
(c) To sound certain regardless of what you actually know.
(d) To always be older than anyone of inferior rank.

12. What are the impressive words that Curtwell says while crowning Keli queen?
(a) A spell to fix club foot.
(b) A spell to cure constipation.
(c) A spell to get rid of fleas.
(d) A spell that has to do with irritable bowel syndrome.

13. What does Albert make himself a hat out of?
(a) Death's spare robe.
(b) Mort's carpet.
(c) His kitchen apron.
(d) Ysabel's night gown.

14. How does Death say that he was able to fix it so that all of them were allowed to stay in reality?
(a) He had a talk with the gods.
(b) He called in a favor.
(c) He went to the Unseen University and called a meeting.
(d) He rewrote reality.

15. What does Death give Mort as a wedding present?
(a) Binky.
(b) The understanding of the universe.
(c) A bag of never ending gold.
(d) A pearl of reality.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the doorknocker on Cutwell's home tell Mort that makes him angry?

2. What does Albert offer Mort when he begins explaining about the nodes?

3. What does Mort say when Albert explains that there was an agreement and a pact?

4. What does Albert do to the landlord that talked back to him at the tavern?

5. What does Ysabell tell Keli when Keli says there must be something they can do to help Mort in the battle?

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