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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many people does Death say that Wa has had murdered?
(a) Death lost count after forty.
(b) Ten.
(c) Fifty-two.
(d) Twenty-three.

2. What does Albert say about his interior beneath the crusty exterior?
(a) It's pretty crusty too.
(b) It's hollow.
(c) It's full of greasy eggs and fried bread.
(d) It's the crusty exterior holding in the sludgy interior.

3. What does Ysabell tell Mort when he says he has finished his apprenticeship?
(a) That this isn't the future she envisioned.
(b) You're whatever you think you are.
(c) She loves him.
(d) He can be fired.

4. What does the Duke say will happen to Cutwell?
(a) His hands to be chopped off.
(b) Nothing. He is of no concern.
(c) Death.
(d) Banishment.

5. What does Albert offer Mort when he begins explaining about the nodes?
(a) Some fried bread.
(b) A cookie.
(c) A peppermint.
(d) A piece of gum.

6. What does Ysabell say her father always said about the Rite of AshkEnte?
(a) It is a fun way to travel.
(b) It is painful.
(c) It gets terribly old.
(d) They always do it at the most inconvenient times.

7. What does Death give Mort as a wedding present?
(a) A bag of never ending gold.
(b) The understanding of the universe.
(c) Binky.
(d) A pearl of reality.

8. What does Ysabell tell Mort when she wakes him up?
(a) Death's realm is beginning to disolve.
(b) Binky has disappeared.
(c) Death has come to say he is quiting.
(d) Death has not returned.

9. What does Albert retrieve from the trunk under his bed after Mort and Ysabell have gone?
(a) His old spell books.
(b) The copy of his agreement with Death.
(c) His wizarding robe.
(d) His hour glass.

10. What is Terpsic Mims?
(a) A Listener.
(b) An angler.
(c) A wizard.
(d) A dropout.

11. What does Ysabell do to stop Albert from pushing her and Mort from the ladder?
(a) Drops a book on him.
(b) Uses a magic spell her father taught her.
(c) Tips the book shelf over.
(d) Falls on him.

12. What does Albert tell Mort about the fact that Mort is becoming more like Death?
(a) Death has tricked Mort.
(b) Mort cannot do what Death has done.
(c) Mort can't control it forever.
(d) Mort will have to be the one to kill Death.

13. What is one thing Princess Keli has learned as a princess?
(a) That ceremonial robes are often the most uncomfortable.
(b) To always remain in control when confronted with failure.
(c) To always be older than anyone of inferior rank.
(d) To sound certain regardless of what you actually know.

14. What does Mort do without realizing while talking with himself?
(a) Ride through the palace gates.
(b) Become transparent.
(c) Kill one of the guards.
(d) Go through the walls at the Princess's home.

15. What does Cutwell say will be happening when the dome reaches them?
(a) The princess' coronation.
(b) The princess' birthday party.
(c) The princess' wedding.
(d) A royal feast to celebrate Cutwell's position.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Death tell the angry woman that enters the employment agency in order to get her to leave?

2. What does Mort tell Ysabell that they are looking for?

3. Where does Albert appear when he transports to Discworld?

4. What do the wizards decide they will do when they rebuild Albert's statue?

5. What does Cutwell offer Mort when Mort arrives at the palace?

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