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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cutwell say about gods?
(a) They can only exist in one reality.
(b) If people stop believing in them they die.
(c) That they are ficitonal.
(d) They are only as powerful as the people that serve them.

2. What does Mort answer when Ysabell says that Mort isn't Death?
(a) That is all changing.
(b) Death is as Death does.
(c) Death is whoever does Death's job.
(d) Death is only a perspective.

3. What is written on the bottom of Albert's statue?
(a) Greater knowledge was his cup.
(b) We will not see his like again.
(c) He will be sorely missed.
(d) We owe fried bread to him.

4. What does Cutwell offer Mort when Mort arrives at the palace?
(a) A dancing chocolate frog.
(b) A enchanted sprout made to look like a strawberry.
(c) A pain killer.
(d) Hassenpfeffer.

5. What do Wa's boys explain happened to the last wizard that tried to get rich on their game?
(a) The neighbors ate magical meat pies.
(b) The pigs were well fed and flew.
(c) They gave him a strong talking to and left him in several different places.
(d) They sent him for a long swim with hungry sharks.

6. What references does Mort find that let him know that this is in fact Albert's life history?
(a) A beard hair.
(b) Comments on the eggs Albert makes.
(c) References to fried bread.
(d) A meeting between Death and Albert.

7. What does Mort tell Ysabell that they are looking for?
(a) Albert's hidden spells.
(b) What Albert will do ten years from now.
(c) Albert's life history.
(d) The reality of Keli's new life.

8. How does Harga's House of Ribs let their customers know what is available to eat?
(a) Several small menues stolen from other restaurants.
(b) A board with greasy finger prints.
(c) A gnome that cries out the specials.
(d) By looking Harga's vest.

9. Where does Albert appear when he transports to Discworld?
(a) Cutwell's room.
(b) Harga's House of Ribs.
(c) The Unseen University.
(d) Sto Lat.

10. What does Mort say when Ysabell asks if a plan has presented itself to Mort?
(a) That she asks too many questions.
(b) Not yet.
(c) Sort of.
(d) Yes, but he is unsure of it.

11. What does Death answer when he is asked if he is a friend of the Patrician?
(a) They are soon to be very well acquainted.
(b) The Patrician puts business his way.
(c) No. He doesn't have friends.
(d) He knows almost everyone eventually.

12. What does Albert do to the landlord that talked back to him at the tavern?
(a) Took away his mouth.
(b) Told him to put it on the Unseen University's tab.
(c) Turned him into a mouse.
(d) Turned him into a toad.

13. What does Death tell Mort he prefers to goodbye?
(a) See you around.
(b) Till next time.
(c) A hug.
(d) Au revoir.

14. What does Death give Mort as a wedding present?
(a) Binky.
(b) A bag of never ending gold.
(c) A pearl of reality.
(d) The understanding of the universe.

15. Who hides Albert's staff?
(a) The Librarian.
(b) The tavern landlord.
(c) Rincewind.
(d) The head of the Unseen University.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Terpsic hate doing?

2. What does Ysabell tell Mort and Albert?

3. How many people does Death say that Wa has had murdered?

4. What does Ysabell tell Keli when Keli says there must be something they can do to help Mort in the battle?

5. What do the torches of Sto Lat illuminate?

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