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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Death say he has done with Mort's father?
(a) Set him outside time for a moment.
(b) Wiped his memory away.
(c) Frozen him.
(d) Put him into a dream state.

2. Who are the Listeners?
(a) People who commune with the dead.
(b) The oldest religous sect on Discworld.
(c) A basketball team.
(d) A group of audio-scientists.

3. Where does the abbot explain what he has might be called?
(a) A renewable pass.
(b) A skip to the hereafter.
(c) A season ticket.
(d) A get out of jail forever card.

4. What would the monks yell when someone got close to their holy temple?
(a) Remove your shoes... they make too much noise.
(b) We don't want whatever you are selling.
(c) Call out various names.
(d) Keep the bloody noise down.

5. What does Mort compare Ysabel's eyebrows to?
(a) Two fighting dust bunnies.
(b) Wild yeti fighting for the piece of tundra.
(c) Mating caterpillars.
(d) Nothing this world has ever seen before.

6. What had Mort done when he saved Keli's life?
(a) Destroyed Death's faith in him.
(b) Split reality into two seperate lines.
(c) Started a war.
(d) Destroyed the peaceful future that was to come.

7. Who does Goodie leave directions with regarding her personal belongings?
(a) Her cat.
(b) An imaginary friend.
(c) Her dog.
(d) Her apprentice.

8. What does Lezek say when Mort says he will be sure to write?
(a) He says it will make Mort's mother happy.
(b) He says he is sure someone who can read it will happen by.
(c) He says it doesn't matter one way or the other.
(d) He says it might be best to wait until he is secure in his position.

9. What does Ysabell NOT say about Mort while walking to the pond?
(a) He has the manners of a drunken buffalo in a black wedding gown.
(b) His legs couldn't stop a pig in a passageway.
(c) She wouldn't marry him if he were the last man on the Disc.
(d) His hair looks like he cleans a privy with it.

10. What does the king say after he realizes it is Death that stands before him?
(a) I can pay you anything for more time.
(b) I didn't think you turned up in person for me.
(c) Please spare my daughter.
(d) I didn't expect you so soon.

11. What does Lezek seem to believe that Death's occupation is?
(a) Undertaking.
(b) Some sort of medical profession.
(c) Coroner.
(d) Hangman.

12. What decorates most of the doors in Death's house?
(a) Scenes of the apocalypse.
(b) Skull and bones.
(c) Pictures of kittens playing.
(d) Incantations.

13. What problem does Princess Keli have after Mort saves her life?
(a) She starts having terrible nightmares.
(b) No one seems to realize she is alive.
(c) She begins to walk through walls.
(d) She can hear voices of other spirits.

14. What does Death say is the reason that the King doesn't feel sad?
(a) Shock he supposes.
(b) There are no tears where the king is headed.
(c) Emotions get left behind in the glands.
(d) Death is where we are all meant to go.

15. What does Keli ask the maid the location of?
(a) The way to Death's home.
(b) The town priest.
(c) The royal bathhouse.
(d) The wizard, Cutwell.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Mort contact in order to try and find a way into the castle?

2. What is Keli's experience that gives her a problem with the door knocker?

3. What does Mort see when he looks in Death's empty eye sockets?

4. What is the witch, Goodie Hamstring, doing when Mort enters?

5. How are men that are reannual growers described?

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