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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 197-243.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Albert explain he doesn't want to die?
(a) He has enemies waiting for him on the other side.
(b) He is afraid of the pain.
(c) He believes he won't go to heaven.
(d) He isn't sure he could handle dying.

2. What does Mort give the guard at the gate so that he can gain admittance?
(a) A book.
(b) The horse he is riding.
(c) A head of cabbage.
(d) Gold coins.

3. What does Goodie say she is going to do when Mort says he is supposed to take her spirit away?
(a) She wants to return to her old body.
(b) She is going to go to the stars.
(c) She is going to stay.
(d) She is going to be reincarnated.

4. What is Keli's experience that gives her a problem with the door knocker?
(a) Different magical lands lay on the other side of talking doors.
(b) Doors ususally open themselves.
(c) She had been bitten once by a door.
(d) She isn't used to doors talking.

5. What is one thing Princess Keli has learned as a princess?
(a) To always remain in control when confronted with failure.
(b) To always be older than anyone of inferior rank.
(c) To sound certain regardless of what you actually know.
(d) That ceremonial robes are often the most uncomfortable.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the owner of the tavern after the strange mist wall comes through the tavern?

2. What does Ysabell explain that everything in Death's home is?

3. What does the 103-year-old woman comment on when Mort arrives to take her?

4. What does Albert see in Mort's eyes that frightens him that is different from Death's eyes?

5. What does Ysabell say her father always said about the Rite of AshkEnte?

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