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Morrie Schwartz
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Short Answer Questions

1. Schwartz explains that one in declining health must act as a ______ to one's self.

2. How many years prior to writing his book did Schwartz decide that he was not satisfied with his religious views?

3. What did Schwartz say about the teachings at an Orthodox Synagogue?

4. In Chapter 6, Schwartz states that one should focus on __________.

5. Schwartz explains that one must treat themselves in what manner?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 8, Morrie explains that privacy is a major issue to one in declining health. Explain why privacy is so important.

2. In Chapter 7, Morrie discusses how one in declining health should act when trying to relate to others. Explain the traits that Morrie states one should have when relating to others.

3. In Chapter 10, Morrie explains that it is extremely important for the sufferer to develop a connection with a higher power. Explain the importance behind the development of this connection with a higher power.

4. In Chapter 6, Morrie encourages his reader to become more active. Discuss how one in declining health should pursue activities.

5. In Chapter 6, Morrie explains the importance of not becoming useless. Explain why not becoming useless is so important.

6. In Chapter 6, the reader learns how Morrie started writing. Discuss what Morrie wrote and why he started writing.

7. In Chapter 7, Morrie discusses relationships and making new friends. Describe how Morrie's social group of friends transformed after he was diagnosed with his illness.

8. In Chapter 8, Morrie discusses newly found freedom of being whom you want to be. Explain this freedom and why it suddenly occurs.

9. At the end of Chapter 7, Morrie talks about how friends and family will have a distorted image of their loved one who is suffering. Explain this distorted image.

10. In Chapter 8, Morrie discusses the importance of relating to one's self. Explain Morrie's thoughts on relating to one's self.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Chapter 2 focuses on the process of handling frustration. Describe the process that Schwartz explains on how to handle the frustration that is associated with declining health. Be sure to include the memorable, personal story that Schwartz describes as a method of learning how cope with frustration.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the book one of the major themes is the theme of forgiveness. Explain this theme as it relates to the book, using specific details to support your answers. What personal story did Morrie tell to help reiterate this theme?

Essay Topic 3

One of the major topics that Schwartz focuses on throughout the book is his personal feelings towards his loss of independence. Describe how Schwartz relates this loss of independence as being so difficult because of the culture we live in.

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