Morrie: In His Own Words Short Essay - Answer Key

Morrie Schwartz
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1. In Chapter 1, Morrie Schwartz is described. Describe Schwartz's occupation and what major contribution he made to the world of psychology.

Morrie Schwartz was a professor of social psychology at Brandeis University. He was able to teach for four decades. While teaching, he focused on the psychology of mourning, infirmity, and death.

2. In Chapter 1, Schwartz's focal point on the subject of psychology plays a major role in his life after teaching. Once Schwartz is diagnosed with his disease, how does he use his knowledge and focus in psychology to help him and others?

While Schwartz was teaching psychology he focused on illness, mourning loss, and the process of death. Thus, when Schwartz receives his diagnosis of the debilitating disease of ALS, he is able to use his knowledge and diagnosis to help others cope with illness. He decides to document his declining health and to write advice to those who are suffering along with him.

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