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Morrie Schwartz
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part II, Getting to Where You Want to Be, Chapter 9, Dealing with Your Mind and Emotions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Unresolved grief can turn good grief into what type of grief?
(a) Ineffective grief.
(b) Unhealthy grief.
(c) Bad grief.
(d) Emotionless grief.

2. Being involved in favorite activities will help one _____, according to Schwartz.
(a) Recover.
(b) Forget about the disease.
(c) Cope.
(d) Feel physically stronger.

3. According to Schwartz, figuring out what activities one should do requires knowing what aspect of one's life?
(a) Who you want to be.
(b) Who you are.
(c) Who you were.
(d) Who others want you to be.

4. Grief is what type of an emotion?
(a) Useless.
(b) Unnatural.
(c) Unnecessary.
(d) Natural.

5. According to Schwartz, instead of doing what we are capable of doing, what do humans do?
(a) Give up too easily.
(b) Never try our best.
(c) Sell ourselves short.
(d) Try too hard.

Short Answer Questions

1. While in a therapy session, Schwartz volunteers to act out what scene?

2. The best way for Schwartz to express loss is by __________.

3. Schwartz states the important point that when one grieves for what has been lost, it is also important to _____.

4. Schwartz encourages the reader to pursue _______.

5. In Chapter 6, Schwartz states that one should focus on __________.

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