Objects & Places from Morrie: In His Own Words

Morrie Schwartz
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ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease

This is a nerve disorder where nerves stop transmitting to muscles, which gradually causes muscular dystrophy that, in turn, leads to death.


These pithy phrases containing wisdom are composed to help people cope with their illness.

Physical Decline

Schwartz advises the sick reader to learn to accept this occurrence.


This will be a constant part of the sick person's life, and so it is best to try to manage it when it comes.


Sometimes this is necessary for coping with one's illness. However, it can sometimes come from poor motives.


This concept in one's place in life is the key to inner peace.


This is essential to effective coping.


Illness is a great opportunity to learn how to develop more of this concept.


Schwartz encourages the reader to develop this connection based on the individual's personal definition...

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