Morrie: In His Own Words Fun Activities

Morrie Schwartz
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Create a Movie Poster

Hollywood wants to produce a movie based on "Morrie: In His Own Words." Create the ultimate movie poster.

Write a Letter to the Author

Write a letter to Morrie Schwartz. Within the letter discuss your personal likes and dislikes of the book. Explain if you would change any part of the book, either how it is written or the organization. What questions would you ask Schwartz?


Pretend you are a book vendor trying to sell "Morrie: In His Own Words." What would you say to the consumer to convince him to buy this book?

Book Review

Pretend you are a book critic for a major newspaper. Write a professional book review of "Morrie: In His Own Words."

Board Game

Create a board game depicting the highs and lows of Morrie's feelings as he is losing his physical abilities.

Current Events

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