Mornings on Horseback Short Essay - Answer Key

David McCullough
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1. Who was a part of the Roosevelt household in 1869? Include non-family members in your answer.

The Roosevelt family consisted of Theodore, Sr. and his wife Mittie. They had four children named Anna or Bamie, Theodore, Jr. Elliott and Corinne. The household also had several servants. The exact number of servants is unknown but it was probably around four or five.

2. What was the Roosevelt house like? Describe what the house included and what it looked like.

The house was in between Broadway and Fourth Avenue and looked like many other New York brownstones. It had a narrow front and a high stoop. The formal parlor gave way to a narrow hall, with the dining room at the rear. The master bedroom and nursery were on the second floor, with three more bedrooms on the third floor. It had a deep porch at the rear of the third floor level. It had been a bedroom before the Roosevelts made it an open-air playroom.

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