Mornings on Horseback Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

David McCullough
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Afterword.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What finally led to an investigation of the person Theodore wanted to impeach?
(a) Press coverage
(b) A bribe to the head of the committee
(c) A new scandal
(d) Theodore gained in status

2. Where did Mittie take Teedie to help his asthma?
(a) Scotland
(b) Arizona
(c) Greece
(d) Swiss Alps

3. On what day did Mittie die?
(a) August 21
(b) October 3
(c) April 19
(d) February 14

4. Where was the double funeral held?
(a) New York
(b) Oyster Bay
(c) Atlanta
(d) Albany

5. Who moved to the north with Mittie?
(a) Her aunt and brother
(b) Her cousin and best friend
(c) Her mother and sister
(d) Her mother and aunt

Short Answer Questions

1. Who disapproved of Theodore entering into politics?

2. What did Teedie have a fear of?

3. Who was the New York Reform Club's candidate?

4. Where did the family go in October 1872?

5. What physical symptom did Theodore suffer from during the confirmation battle?

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